I'm happy to share some of my quilting skills with you.  Feel free to use these tutorials for yourself.

You may use the completed projects yourself, give them as gifts for sell them at small venues such as church fairs or small craft fairs.  

If you wish to use these copy a tutorial for a class that's great, but please send me a message on the Contact page in the Information tab at top to let me know.  I'm interested in who and/or how my work is being used.  

If you wish to produce the product commercially that needs my permission. I can be reached via my Contact page.

Thanks so much!

Enjoy sewing.  

Leave Me a Message Pillow.   (Click to open tutorial).

Leave Me a Message Pillow.  (Click to open tutorial).

 Dog Training Apron Tutorial    (Click text to open Tutorial)

 Dog Training Apron Tutorial   (Click text to open Tutorial)

8 inch Economy Block Tutorial  (Click Text to open)

8 inch Economy Block Tutorial (Click Text to open)