Friends on the Road Quilt

by Judy Tucker

I planning to make both quilts I just designed in Electric Quilt 8.  I've started work on the first quilt which I'm calling "Friends on the Road."  The two blocks are "Road to California" on the left and "Strawberry Smootie" on the right. But blocks are in EQ8's block library.

I'm using batiks and Kona® cotton white. The "Road to California" goes together quickly. The "Strawberry Smoothie" block is more intricate. So far I've only made these two trial blocks.

The test blocks work, so I'm set to sew! But with the holidays here, it might be a while before I have more to show!

Hope you are all enjoying a bit of Holiday sewing!

Decontructing a Quilt Panel: Part 1

by Judy Tucker

A friend recently gave me a Christmas quilt panel commenting, "This panel just says "Judy."  It does! It's the dog thing!  Black Labs are dear to my heart and that the Golden retrievers in the panel are pretty cute too!  I especially like the Golden wearing that pink ski hat!

On the right is a photo of one of my fabric surface designs "StarPower"  that I had printed at  I had intended to use this fabric to make a whole cloth quilt, but don't the colors and the stars look perfect with this panel?

Since I don't love all the graphics in the Christmas dog panel, so I'm going to deconstruct it and add some fussy cut 8 pointed stars to make a little Christmas quilt!  Next week I'll show what I've done!

The Boys! Waldorf Type Dolls

by Judy Tucker

Happy November!   Today's post is a picture gallery of boy dolls. I'd been thinking about a Waldorf type boy doll that had a mix of blonde curls and straight hair.  I only make a few Waldorf Type dolls* a year. As the weather changed from summer to fall and making a doll with wool hair that is has wool stuffing seemed more doable, I made a pair of Waldorf type boys.

Here's Davey, the blonde boy.  I love the Farmer's Market design in the fabric I used for his shirt!  That's a crab apple tree, loaded with fruit, in the background.

 Davey, a Waldorf Type Doll

Davey, a Waldorf Type Doll

Here are a few more pictures.  The pocket on the back of his cords is a new addition to my pants pattern.  I had fun up-cycling a old SmartWool® sock to make a pair him a pair of striped wool socks!  The felt moccasins and the flannel PJs are two new patterns I designed for these boys.

Here's the brunette boy I made at the same time.

 The Brunette boy

The Brunette boy

The side part is something new I tried.  The hair might be a bit too long and floppy, but it is cute!

I drawn all the patterns for my dolls as well as drafting patterns for their clothes.  This boy pattern seems to work particularly well. These two little Dudes just make me smile!!

* Waldorf Type dolls are made with knit cotton fabric for skin and have wool roving or batting for stuffing. Their round heads are make of wool rolled into a ball and shaped with a covering of knit stockinette and string before being finally getting covered with the knit cotton skin.  They can be very simple or elaborately detailed. All the dolls are handmade and one-of-a-kind.