Mystery Quilt! Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Part 5

by Judy Tucker

Hard to believe we are already on Part 5 (and week 5!) of Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery Quilt. This week's assignment was straightforward 4 patch blocks. 

I spun the seams on the back of these blocks.  They were easy to spin. It was almost as if these blocks wanted to spin!  I do like those tiny 4 patches which appear when the seams of a block are spun.  But the sad thing is, only you know they are there!  Unless of course, the quilt survives to a grand old age, starts to wears out and someone in a future generation decides to take it apart!  


I tried to spin the seams in the pieced blocks in Part 4.  That was a struggle.  I finally decided they were better pressed without spinning.  


I suspect that we probably have made most, if not all, of the blocks needed for this quilt. I think there might just be some serious sewing activity on New Year's weekend!  I can't think of a better way to start off 2015!

Mystery Quilt! Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Part 4

by Judy Tucker

It was so great to read Bonnie Hunter's instructions for Part 4  and finding that part of this step was done back in Part 1.  Bonnie is really good about looking ahead at the calendar and planning the work so that the week of the major holidays there is less sewing time needed to complete that week's step.  Thanks Bonnie!

Above are 2 more sets of Broken Dishes blocks.  It was snowing when I took the blocks outdoors to photograph them.  Can you spot the 2 snowflakes on the grey patch of the left hand block? It's such a swirly fabric that the snowflakes look like they are part of the design!

To see how other quilters are progressing, click here to view the Part 4 Linky for Grand Illusion on Bonnie Hunter's Blog.

I've tried out some titanium coated sewing machine needles this past week.  I have always used Schmetz needles and have been very happy with them.  But I had heard good things about titanium coated sewing machine needles so I purchased some Superior Titanium Coated Needles to give them a try.  I used a Topstitch 90/14 needle to do some quilting and really didn't see any difference.  But I was amazed at how beautifully the Topstich 80/12 worked for piecing.  The needle moved so easily and smoothly through the fabrics.  The eye of the needle is larger than most sewing machine needles so threading the needle is really easy.  

I'm not giving up my Schmetz needles.  I still really like them a lot.  But I'm happy to know about the Superior needles. With the titanium coating, they are supposed to last longer than regular needles.  I haven't used them long enough to comment on that yet.  However, I think using titanium coated needles might make a lot of sense when you are doing a project with lots of piecing-- like this Bonnie Hunter Winter Mystery Quilt!  

For the record:  I don't have any connection with the Superior needle company nor with the Schmetz needle company.  

Thanks to everyone who visited my blog last week based on the photo of the scissors destroyed by my dog Hazel!  I enjoyed your great comments and appreciated your commiseration!  Hazel is well, no harm done to her.  I don't think she even swallowed any of the pieces from plastic handles she chewed up!  

Here are a couple of photos of Hazel with her new wide wale corduroy Pink Pig and a well loved Nylabone-- more appropriate dog toys than my sewing scissors!