Mystery Quilt! Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Part 5

by Judy Tucker

Hard to believe we are already on Part 5 (and week 5!) of Bonnie Hunter's Winter Mystery Quilt. This week's assignment was straightforward 4 patch blocks. 

I spun the seams on the back of these blocks.  They were easy to spin. It was almost as if these blocks wanted to spin!  I do like those tiny 4 patches which appear when the seams of a block are spun.  But the sad thing is, only you know they are there!  Unless of course, the quilt survives to a grand old age, starts to wears out and someone in a future generation decides to take it apart!  


I tried to spin the seams in the pieced blocks in Part 4.  That was a struggle.  I finally decided they were better pressed without spinning.  


I suspect that we probably have made most, if not all, of the blocks needed for this quilt. I think there might just be some serious sewing activity on New Year's weekend!  I can't think of a better way to start off 2015!