Mystery Quilt Star Blocks Sampler Nearing Completion

by Judy Tucker

As a member of Proper Bostonian Quilters Guild, I've been participating in a year long Mystery Quilt project designed by one of our members. Each month we were given either 2 star blockspiece or connecting blocks to piece. A color palette wasn't specified so everyone's blocks look very different.  One friend is making a yellow baby-themed quilt and is using all low volume fabrics. It's fun to see everyone's choices.

Above are 6 of the 9 stars in the sampler. The pattern called for 8 inch finished block but wanting a larger quilt, I increased the block size to 12 inches unfinished. Enlarging the patterns was a good exercise in quilt math--it actually turned out to be a lot easier than I'd expected!

I decided to just make the star sampler blocks and assemble them without using the Mystery Quilt's connecting blocks. I've definitely gone off-track with this project!

The completed quilt (or just the completed quilt top) is due next week, at our last Spring meeting. I'll post my completed quilt after the "Big Reveal" at guild!