How I began quilting

by Judy Tucker

So why do I quilt?

College and quilting are totally linked together.  On a tour of colleges through Pennsylvania my Mom and I drove by a house in the country with had a little sign "Quilts for Sale" on the front lawn.  Very uncharacteristically, we stopped and knocked on the front door.  2 Mennonite sisters had a trunk full of quilts.  They were all the same appliqued flower pattern done in a variety of colors.  I fell in love with a red and green quilt.  Mom hemmed and hawed but finally said yes, we could buy it.  It cost $55.  As the years went by, Mom often said she wished she purchased more than one!
This quilt is still a beauty!
It stayed at home when I headed off to college in Minnesota.   
My classmates at college were from small towns and farms in Minnesota and North and South Dakota. They all had homemade quilts on their beds.  I was from the East quilt. That required remediation and so began my quilting education!