Book Report: Quilts on the Double

by Judy Tucker

I was so happy today when I checked Amazon to see if one of my favorite quilt books is still available…and it is!

Here's my copy--complete with sticky notes from 4 years ago!

Quilts on the Double was written by two Australian quilters, Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe.
This is a book of easy strip pieced designs but there are 2 amazing things about this book:

1. With careful cutting and the addition of a bit of extra fabric you can get three quilts from one set of strips!
2.  There are 50 different ways to construct the blocks, all of which are illustrated the the book!

The patterns are divided in to Tops, Tails and Sides.
Here are the first 2 quilts I made using the book.  (I didn't use the Sides for a third quilt).

Tops Quilt

Tail's Quilt
Clearly, these weren't quilts with Modern aesthetics!

Here is a Tails Quilt that I made from a different strip set.  Quite a bit brighter!

I did make a set of pinwheels from the Sides from this set of strips but I don't have photos of them or the Tops quilt from these fabrics.

I have been thinking at lot recently about going back to use this book again, this time to make several Modern quilts with solid fabrics (and maybe some Modern prints).

Fabric requirements:
    6 coordinating Fat Quarters
    6 contrasting Fat Quarters
    2 yards of an accent fabric that compliments both sets of Fat Quarters

I don't have a lot of solids in my stash anymore so I set off on an Internet search to see what I could find.  Because these fabrics will make 3 quilts, I needed to find solid colors that I really like.

I looked at the stack of Kona Sunrise FQs.  I do like them but I already have that collection in 2 sets of charm squares so it didn't make much sense to repeat that.

Then I found the set of "Summer Basics" in Moda Bella Solids from the Etsy Fabricshoppe.  There are only 8 FQ in this collection.  But I really like the 4 warms and 4 cool colors in this collection and I think I have some fabrics in my stash to add 2 more warm FQs and 2 more cool FQs.   I might have an accent fabric but will have to wait for the fabric to arrive before I can decide that.

I'm excited to use Quilts on the Double but from a Modern perspective.   I think it will be a great Spring/Summer project!  I can't wait for my fabric to arrive so I can get started!