Constructing the Low Volume Green and Blue Strip Baby Quilt: Part 1

by Judy Tucker

Today I got the strips for the baby quilt all cut.  I decided to stack the greens (3-4 at a time) to cut them.  That gave me enough strips for 3 extra blocks.  I thought it made more sense to save the time rather than cutting all the strips individually.  I'll find a use for the extra blocks.

I did cut the strips for the sky and ocean individually.

I had time to sew the 3 sky and 3 ocean blocks.  I really like them.  There are repeating blues in the sky.  I didn't have enough pale blues to make them all different.

I also sorted the low volume green strips into blocks.  I used 9 green fabrics, the number of strips in each block, so there are no repeats in any given block.  I put them up on the design wall so I see them all and check for duplicates.

I also put the pieces with animals and objects in their places in the blocks.
I think I'll be able to get the quilt top finished up in the next couple days.
Once the strips are cut, it goes together quickly.