Vintage Quilt Revival Top is Completed

by Judy Tucker

I finished my Vintage Quilt Revival top today.  The book Vintage Quilt Revival has examples of 3 ways to set the blocks.  I opted for the version with the sashing.   The quilt with the sashing in the book didn't have any borders.  The authors said they felt that was more in keeping with a Modern quilt.  Their quilt with the sashing is on the cover of the book.

Without the borders, the quilt just covered the top of a queen sized bed.  I decided I wanted at least a bit of overhang.  I added 2 extra borders on each side but not at the top or bottom of the quilt.  I think the borders look like a continuation of the sashing, except that the borders don't have the lighter blue blocks at the intersections.

Here is the quilt from the side.  I tried to photograph it outdoors today without success. A weekend rain storm was moving in. Every time I got the quilt set for the picture a gust would catch it.  It was more sail than quilt!  I finally gave up and took it indoors.  Not an ideal location for the photo…but done!

I plan to bind the quilt with the Kona Cadet Blue which is framing the blocks and is the outermost border.  So the binding won't add an extra element to the quilt.

My sewing machine is due for its annual Spring cleaning and tune-up.  I'm going to get that done before I start the quilting on this project.