Craftsy's Tula Pink Mystery Quilt

by Judy Tucker

Craftsy posted the workshop for Tula Pink's April Fox Field Mystery Quilt yesterday.

It turns that the only mystery was purchasing the kit for an unknown quilt project.  The whole set of instructions and a photo of the completed quilt were all posted at once. Hmmm.  Well, at least you don't get any surprises after you've cut the fabric!

Here are the fabrics in the kit.  (FYI: Craftsy sold over 1000 kits--completely sold out weeks ago, so there aren't any more available for this project).

It turns out the quilt is a Courthouse Steps Log Cabin…with a surprise. The center of the blocks is a diamond!

I haven't started sewing yet.  I'm still cutting pieces from the 3 stacks of 2.5 inch strips.

This quilt is a color and fabric design challenge for me.  I like the pink and orange combination and the aqua, grey and green combination.  Purple isn't a color I gravitate to often.  But put them all together??  Not a chance!

I've been looking at the color wheel and this set of colors just doesn't fit into any of the usual combinations.  They aren't compliments, triads or tetrads.  I've tried to make sense of them but just can't! That may be why I find the combination jarring.

But that's fine. I've challenged myself to step out of the box and try some new things in my quilting this year.  This qualifies!

Tula Pink has set the diamonds vertically in the quilt with large filler pyramids at the top and bottom.
She used a cream background which is in the top photo--barely visible under the strips.  It's a sharp contrast to the busy bright colors in the rest of the fabrics.  I'm not sure what I am going to do.  I might alter the pattern and cut off the diamond points.

I have some wonderful feathery aqua fabric which is a matching color which I could substitute for the pyramids or I could make another header and footer for the quilt. Here it is the feathery aqua fabric with a set of strips.

Can't wait to start sewing.  This is going to be interesting!
Please let me know if you can use the color wheel to explain the colors in this quilt!  Thanks!