Crafty's Tula Pink "Fox Tails" Mystery Quilt Update

by Judy Tucker

Today I finished assembling the April Tula Pink Mystery Quilt.  It is a Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps variation, with the center block of the Log Cabin a large diamond.

Tula Pink's directions and accompanying photos for the quilt construction are excellent.
I was careful to always use the 60 degree mark when trimming the blocks and the points all match! I also credit Tula's precise instructions.  She explained exactly how to press the seams and how to use the  extending tips of the seams to get those perfect points. Amazing!

The quilt is set on the diagonal. The setting triangles at the top and bottom of the quilt in the kit are a cream print.  This is such a loud, busy quilt that it just seemed to me that the quilt pattern came to a full stop at those cream triangles.  I decided to continue the pattern to the quilt edges.

I used her directions to cut one triangle out of muslin.  I used that as a pattern to make pieced triangles from the left over fabric.  I turned out to be very straight forward.  The little triangle was exactly half the central diamond in the blocks and sewing on two 2.5 inch strips to each side made a setting triangle exactly the correct size.    The purple/grey dots, grey and aqua and aqua/grey dots is the setting triangle block.

The quilt is a good size for a double bed or a generous throw.  I have some fabric that is a good match and I could add a border to make it queen size.  I'm still thinking about it.

The color way of this quilt isn't my favorite, but I'm appreciating it a bit more now that I can see the whole quilt top.

I'm going to use the cream fabric from the kit as part of the backing and plan to use up some more of the scraps from the 2.5 inch strips. Should be interesting!