Hexagons! WIP

by Judy Tucker

If you had ever asked me about quilt patterns I thought I'd never use, one would be hexagons and the other would be crazy quilting.  My mom always told me to never say "never."

I'm still holding out on crazy quilting but this week I started making hexagons.  I have a friend who quilts who hasn't been feeling well.   I thought that hexagons might be just the thing for her to work on if she was feeling she needed to do something handy.  It's easy to make one, some… or none.  All good.

So I fussy cut some dogs from Riley Blakes Design "Puppy Park" fabric.

  and some 2.5 inch squares from the SeaBreeze inspired Fat quarter bundle from JAQs Fabrics.
(Their bundles are 10% off until May 26, 2014, if you want one too)!

I'd never made a hexagon block so I thought I should do a couple to put in the bag as examples which I did.  But then I was hooked...

I have stash of left over 2.5 inch squares from an assortment of projects.  I pulled out a selection of yellow greens, yellows and greys. One hexagon has lead to another.

I had jettisoned some solid dark teal Kona from a project so that was sitting on my table. It looks like the perfect background for my hexagons.  After trolling the internet for ideas, I decided to make 12 inch finished squares with a varied configuration of hexagons in each block.  I'm going to appliqué them on by machine.

Here are a couple of blocks I have laid out to think about.

The hexagons remind of organic chemistry class.  I keep thinking I ought to be making molecule diagrams with them!!

I'm using card stock 1 inch hexagon templates which which are free for the printing from
Incompetech.   The 1 inch hexagons were just the right size for my 2.5 inch squares of fabric.

Here is the back side of several hexagons.

I have to say, they are a lot of fun to sew.  This project is probably going to be a WIP (work in progress) for a while. But then, that's the beauty of hexagons.