Jumbled Spools Quilt, with pattern for Quilt Along

by Judy Tucker

Jumbled Spoon Quilt,   54 x 60 inches

My Jumbled Spools Quilt is done!  I had so much fun designing this quilt, sewing it and doing the quilting.  There were some bumps in the process but that's just part of designing.

The free pattern for this quilt is posted in a tab at the top of the blog and in a link at the end of this post.
Download a copy and give it a try!   I've started a  Jumbled Spools Quilt Along Flickr Group for you to post blocks or quilts or any other projects made with this pattern.  Download a copy, share it with a friend and have fun sewing!  This is my first "real" pattern.  If you find anything that needs to be corrected or clarified, please post a comment to let me know.
Of course, you can post a comment if you like it too!

I used Robert Kaufman's solid Kona Cotton New Bright Palette for the "thread" on the spools.
There are only 41 colors in this collection. I added a yellow from my stash to make the 42nd spool.    This would also be fun to make using 2.5 inch x 4 inch scraps from your stash.

Here is the inspiration for my design!

I inherited my mother's sewing table a number of years ago.  It's a lovely piece of mid-century Modern Danish teak furniture.  It has a drawer for notions and a pull-out basket to store clothing that needs to be mended.  I love having it, but it doesn't really function well as a sewing table for my needs so I've never cleaned it out and claimed it for my own.  I raid it for buttons, needles and the occasional notion but it's essentially the just way it was when it arrived at my house.  Well, actually it has gotten a bit messier!  My niece was visiting recently.  She pulled open the drawer of the sewing table.  I was working in the kitchen but I could see what she was doing.  I heard her say "Oops!" and quickly shut the drawer.  I cracked up!  What a great reaction!  Well deserved too, I might add!

I searched for spool quilt patterns and found lots of them on-line and in quilting books.  The spools are usually all lined up in neat rows.  I wanted something more true to (my) real life!   So that's why I designed my quilt with the spools all jumbled!

Jumbled Spools Quilt showing the backing 

The quilting continues the jumbled theme.  I did free motion random loops for the body of the quilt which creates a "bad thread day" feel.
Some of the spools have tight parallel rows of quilting but the majority of them them have a zig-zag pattern on the body of each spool.  The two quilting patterns on the spools represent the two ways that spools of thread are wound during manufacturing.

In the border on the right side of the quilt I did straight linear quilting 1/2 inches apart using my walking foot.

This quilt can be made using rotary cut pieces or foundation piecing.  I made this quilt with rotary cut pieces.  Some of the spools tops and bottoms don't match up the the body of the spool as neatly as I thought they would.  I rather like them that way--it looks like some of the thread on the spools has been used.

However, I decided I wanted the option of having perfect looking spools so I made a foundation pattern which makes it possible to have accurately pieced spools.  I actually like the blocks made both ways.  Use the piecing method you prefer. They will both give you a great looking block.

Here is the pattern for the Jumbled Spool Quilt.  The PDF files for the Foundation (paper) piecing are in a separate link below the pattern.

Have fun!  Post what you're making on the Flickr group site!

Jumbled Spools Pattern, Rotary Cutting Instructions
PDF files for Foundation Patterns for Jumbled Spool block