Project Updates

by Judy Tucker

I've been spending a lot of time in the past couple weeks finishing up projects.   And I've received several reports back on some quilts and sewing projects that have gone off to friends and new places.

First off,  the 40 inch square baby quilt made from Tula Pink's Fox Field fabric is done.  I put the binding on it this afternoon.  I like how the binding echoes the inner border.

40 inch square baby quilt
Here's a photo showing the back fabric.  I used the same fabric on the queen size Tula Pink Fox Tails quilt I made and have posted about several times in the past.  The backing came from the discount fabric store.  It's not Tula Pink but I think it is in character!

My niece loves the pink and grey cat quilt I made for the baby who is due any day. She tells me the quilt is on the rocker so now all they need is the baby!

Detail of the pink and grey cat baby quilt

I also heard that Zoe, the Golden-doodle, loves her Flat Bear.  The bear is already missing a chunk but I'll take that as a sign that the dog loves her new toy!

And speaking of dogs, a member of New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue  NEESSR, Inc. is thinking about using my Dog Training Apron pattern to make some to sell at the English Springer Spaniel Agility Trials in the fall.  They are a great group.  I've adopted all my Springers from their Rescue.

Taffy and Tipper--The Sleeping Dogs!

I finished the Jumbled Spool Quilt today too.  I still need to test my foundation pattern and write up up the pattern instructions.  I hope to get that all posted later this week.

Number of quilt tops still sitting in the UFO pile:  Two.  The batting is cut, the backs are made.  I just need to get them sandwiched.  Both are queen size quilts.  That might just have something to do with why they haven't gotten quilted yet!   One of these days…but maybe not until the Fall when the cool weather returns.