Book Review: Lucky Spool's Essential Guild to Modern Quilt Making

by Judy Tucker

Yesterday the UPS deliveryman dropped a gem of a book on my front porch!  Lucky Spool's Essential Guild to Modern Quilt Making complied by Susanne Woods a great reading and a great resource for anyone making Modern Quilts.

Each of the chapters in this book is a "workshop" in Modern Quilting.  The teachers are active, and well known, in the Modern quilting world. The workshops are based the class each of these master quilters is asked to teach most often. 

The first workshop is "The Principles of Color" written by Kari Vojyechovsky.  It is an excellent discussion of the use of color in quilts.  I finally understand what  "hue" is. (I'll discuss hue in a post later this week).  Subsequent chapters include workshops on "Working with Solids" by Alissa Haight Carlton and "Working with Prints" by Dan Rose.

Jacquie Gering has a workshop on "The Alternative Grid".   Of particular interest for readers in Massachusetts/New England:  Among the quilts she has included in her lesson is a bold quilt that is difficult to look at.  Jacquie crated this quilt, named "Aftermath", following the Marathon Bombings in Boston.

Much to my delight, Cheryl Arkison has a workshop on "Circles and Curves".   I took her class on Craftsy which is excellent.  I am so happy to now have the instructions for making her Reverse Circles in a book!   I used her technique to create the inset circle in my "Diamond in the Woods" quilt. 

Penny Layman has a great workshop on "Paper Piecing".  On this hot summer day, I was tickled to see her snow cone pattern.  And I know her stiletto shoe design is going to be a bit hit with readers!  (The templates for her designs are included at the back of the book).

There is an interesting workshop on "Large-Scale Piecing" by Heather Jones.  Learn to make a full size quilt with just a single block or a few large blocks.

Angela Walters has a workshop on "Modern Quilting"--how to do the quilting on modern quilts. She has instructions for some quilting designs which are very do-able and will give great results. 

Finally Heather Grant's workshop is a "Study of Modern Quilts".  It is a "show" of 50 Modern Quilts.  Each quilt has a comment from the quilter.  You'll feel like you've been to see an exhibit at a museum after you've read this chapter. 

I am so excited about this book.  Run to your local shop or on-line store and get yourself a copy.  You'll be glad you did!