Modern Hexagon Quilt finished!

by Judy Tucker

Modern Hexagon Quilt

My Modern Hexagon Quilt is done!  It was so much fun to make.  The challenge of this quilt was working with all the negative space in this 48.5 x 59 inch quilt.

Originally thought I would quilt concentric hexagons around the two single hexagons in the quilt.  I was going to let the hexagon relax into a circle as it got further away from the index hexagon, like waves in a pond.

Beginning to quilt around a hexagon
But I found that it was fairly easy to continue quilting in a hexagon pattern when I marked the quilt with dress-maker's chalk and I wasn't sure how it would look if it morphed into a circle.  (You can see the markings in the photo above). 

Using the bar on my walking foot to keep the quilting lines
the same width

I ended up quilting from the lower single hexagon all the way across the entire quilt.  The hexagon shape decayed a bit the further I got from the starting hexagon but I was able to maintain reasonably well across the whole quilt.

I couldn't wait to start quilting around the 2nd hexagon in the upper part of the quilt to see how the lines intersected.   I put in about 7 rows of quilting and it quickly became clear that it just wan't going to work.  The quilting lines were running off-kitler to each other and not crossing the way I hoped they would.  It looked really awful.   I ripped it all out without taking a photo.   Sorry--it would have been interesting to share what it looked like.

However, I did leave in a single row of quilting around the second hexagon.  I think that works. 

Here's a close-up of the quilting.  I went around each of the hexagons, rather than quilting over them.  That was a challenge in itself because I had to pick up the parallel quilting line on the far side of the hexagon after I had detoured around it.  Some are better than others, but mostly it worked.

Finally, here is the back with the Lotus Drop flowers.
Modern Hexagon Quilt Back
I'm still intrigued by the idea of intersecting lines of concentric quilting.   I think it might work if I quilt in circles and make sure to start quilting each circle separately, moving outward until the lines start to intersect.   A project for another week!