African Village Quilt Step 5

by Judy Tucker

Completed Top African Village Quilt

Completed Top African Village Quilt

We will be able to finish the quilt top today. 

One last bit of cutting to do first. 

For the blocks on either side of the African Hut blocks:

Cut 4 squares of your Focus Fabric 9.5 x 9.5 inches.

Now you should have all the components of the quilt completed.  So let's assemble the rest the quilt.

The quilt is assembled in strips.  Starting at the top here are the strips with the African Huts and Focus fabric. 


1. Sew the African Hut 2 B (door facing right)  to one of the 9.5 inch squares of Focus Fabric. Then sew African Hut 1 B (door facing left)  to the other side of the 9.5 inch Focus Fabric square.

2. For the middle strip, sew a 9.5 inch square of Focus Fabric to each side of African Hut 3.

3. For the bottom row sew African Hut 1 A (door facing right) to a 9.5 inch square of Focus Fabric.  Then sew African Hut 2 A (door facing left) to the other side.  Now you have all the strips completed. 

4.  Sew them together in this order:   Top Hut strip, first diamond strip, Middle Hut Strip, 2nd diamond strip, Bottom Hut strip.  Great!  The center of your quilt will all the blocks is done.



For the Inner Border:

Step A:

Lay your quilt top on a flat surface.  Measure the middle of the quilt from top to bottom.  Then measure from side to side in the middle of the quilt and ADD 5 inches to this measurement. 

Add the length and width of the quilt and multiple by 2 to get the total length of fabric you need for the first border.  Divide this number by 40 to get the number of WOF (wide of fabric) strips you need to cut.  


2.5 wide inch strips x WOF  for your first border.  I needed to cut 4.  
Sew this 4 strips together end to end, either with a bias seam or a straight seam, whichever you prefer. 

Sew the first border on to your quilt top.


For the Outer Border:

 Repeat Step A and measure your quilt top again with the first set of borders attached. 


5.5 inch wide strips x WOF to obtain the length you need.  (I needed 4 strips).  Sew the 5.5 inch strips together.

Sew the 2nd border to the quilt top. 

Congratulations!  Your African Village Quilt top is complete!

I will blog about the backing for the quilt on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Did you have fun making this quilt top?  Please leave me a comment! Thanks!  I can't wait to hear how you did.