Improv Log Cabin Quilt #1 Top

by Judy Tucker

Improv Log Cabin #1    50 x 50 inches

Improv Log Cabin #1    50 x 50 inches

Here's my Improv Log Cabin #1 quilt top.  This has been my "take along" project this summer. I've kept all the fabric and completed blocks in a bag.  If I'm going over to a friend's house to sew, I've been able to grab the bag and my sewing machine and head out the door. It's been nice not to have to think about which project to take or needing to gather up the necessary components for a project.

I originally thought I was going to make a bed size quilt. But this is a busy quilt. Very busy!  So i've decided to make 2 smaller quilts.  I think they'd be great for floor time play for a baby.  Lots of interest and visual stimulation!  

This is Improv Log Cabin #1.  The construction of the log cabin blocks in this quilt is somewhat  traditional. The yellow square (there is one in every block) is mostly near the center of these blocks and the block has been built around it.   Improv Log Cabin #2 has log cabin blocks with longer strips.  I haven't put it on the design wall yet, but I think it will have a different feel.