Low Volume Green and Blue Strip Pieced Baby Quilt Pattern

by Judy Tucker

        Low Volume Green and Blue Strip Pieced Baby Quilt
                                      (Sky, Forest and Ocean)
                                               38 x 48.5 inches

This would be a good quilt to use up bits and pieces in your stash.  Or you could start with fat quarters if you prefer. 

I used lighter blues in my sky and darker blues in my ocean. I added some yellow strips and some fussy cut strips with forest animals and ocean creatures. If you are using fat quarters, choose 7 medium blue fabrics which could be sky or ocean, 2 lighter blue fabrics to add to the sky and 2 darker blues to add to the ocean.

PDF of Low Volume Green and Blue Pieced Baby Quilt Pattern

Fabric Requirements:

Blues:  9 (11 if you are using added colors for sky and ocean) pieces of blue      fabric 11.5 inches wide x 10 inches high
Greens:  9 pieces of green fabric 11.5 inches wide x 10 inches high
     (You will end up with enough strips for 3 extra blue and 3 extra green blocks).

Scraps:  Strips of yellow fabric or fussy cut strips to substitute for some of the pieces in the blocks if you wish to do that.

For the sashing and binding:  1.5 yards green fabric.  (2 yards if you have vertical pattern and don’t want to piece the long stashing strips).
Backing: 1.5 yards
Binding:  cut 5 strips WOF to the width you prefer for your bindings.  (2.25 inches is a good width if you aren’t sure).

Cutting Instructions:

Label 9 small sandwich bags letters A through I.  One for each strip you will be cutting. 
You will need 2 sets of bags: one for blues and one for green fabric strips.

Stack 3-4 pieces of your 11.5 x10 inch fabrics.  Cut as shown on following 2 pages.

Cut 9 sashing strips 9.5 inches x 3 inches.

You will also need
  Two strips of sashing 3 inches wide for 2 middle vertical rows of sashing
  Two strips of sashing 3.5 inches wide for the right and left side of the quilt
Two 3 inch strips of sashing for the top and bottom of the quilt.
I recommend that you cut these after you have assembled the 3 vertical rows of blocks.

Assemble your blocks on a design wall.  You should have a different fabric for each piece in a block.

Sew your blocks together per the diagram on the next page.  The block should be 9.5 inches square and will finish at 9 inches square.

Attach a piece of 9.5 x 3 inch sashing to bottom edge of your sky blocks and forest blocks. 
Sew the blocks together in vertical rows: Sky, forest, forest, ocean.  You will then have 3 vertical sets of blocks, each containing 4 blocks.

Measure each of the long strips of blocks. 
Now cut your 2 outer and 2 middle sashing strips to measure your quilt.

Attach the 2 middle strips of sashing, then the 2 later strips.

Finally measure the width of your quilt at its center.  Cut the top and bottom sashing strips to that width.
Attach to the quilt body.


Quilt and bind as desired.