Book Report: Quilting with A Modern Slant by Rachel May

by Judy Tucker

Are you one of those people who like to read cookbooks and quilting books at bedtime?  Are you active in the Modern Quilt movement or just curious to learn more about it?  Then you are going to really enjoy  Quilting With A Modern Slant, people, patterns and techniques inspiring the Modern Quilt Community by Rachel May. ( Storey Publishing, North Adams, MA 2014).

Rachel May has interviewed men and women who are an active part of Modern Quilting.  She has 1-4 pages  on each person. Each new interview Chapter starts the the heading "Meet…then the person's name" and a subheading giving a clue to what their speciality or interest is.  I love this format--I really do feel like I am being introduced each of these artisans!

One of other layout features that that I really like is green bar at the bottom of some of the pages that has definitions of quilting terms or suggestions about how to do something. It makes me smile because it reminds me of the school closure list on TV on a snowy day!

The book has hundreds of full color photos which run the spectrum of modern quilts. There are patterns for some of the quilts and other projects. And there are tutorials on techniques including finishing a quilt, doing free motion quilting, doing fusible web appliqué and even dyeing fabric in pinks and purples using an avocado pit!

This book is a visual joy and so much fun to read.  Pick up a copy.  You'll be glad you did!