Using sticky notes for as templates to mark a quilt for free motion quilting

by Judy Tucker

Yesterday I was looking at a wall hanging and thinking about how I wanted to do the free motion quilting on it.  I decided I wanted to put a heart in each of the areas of the wall hanging which had some negative space.  I do a lot of free motion quilting without planning or marking but in this case I wanted my hearts to be symmetric, in the center of the space and the right size.  That just wasn't going to happen with spontaneous quilting.  

I looked around to see what was at hand to draw my template heart.  There was a pad of sticky notes that looked about the right size.  I drew my heart, cut it out and put it down on the quilt.   And it stayed in place!  The adhesive on the paper was just enough to keep it still so it didn't shift as I drew around the template--brilliant!  Now that's a serendipitous moment!

Later in the day I used it again to put a circle at the intersection of 4 blocks in a quilt where I needed to just tack down the quilt a bit more.  I tried sewing around the paper but it wasn't sticky enough to do that.  So, it's great if you just want a template for marking a few designs but not useful as a template during sewing.

Here's the sticky note template on the quilt.

Here's the marked quilt.  I used a blue Dritz pencil.  I don't have a favorite marking pencil. Sometimes I use tailor's chalk, sometimes chalk pencils and sometimes this one.

Here is the circle on the other quilt.

This worked really well for me.  Give it a try!