Selvage Quilt Labels

by Judy Tucker

I started thinking about saving and using my selvages after reading Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison's  Sunday Morning Quilts.  It's a great book of modern scrap quilts.   In the book the showed knitted a little rug with selvages they had tied together end to end.  (The instructions are for knitting a selvage rug are in the book).

Well.  That got me going!   I collected 2 rolls of selvages and knit myself a bath mat.  It's a bit wonky because I'd never knitted with cotton fabric strips and it took me a while to get my tension even.   After finishing the rug I  realized it is best to use brightly colored strips when you start and finish the rug.  It is fine to have all white scattered in the middle of the rug but the margins should be bright, not white.

I tried to get a photo of the knit rug but Tipper had another plans!

I now have 2 more rolls of selvages waiting to be used! Treasure!

If you want to see some amazing projects using selvages, check out Aylin's Selvage Love tab on her blog

Recently I have been using selvages to make quilt labels.  I sew several selvages together with 1/8 inch seams and attach a piece of plan fabric to write the quilt information. I try to use selvages from the fabrics in that quilt.  The selvages strips aren't very flexible once they are sewn together so I've starting adding a piece of fabric trimmed from a block, border or backing of the quilt.   Here are some of my Selvage labels:

They are a lot of fun and sometimes they add a bit of design information to the quilt! Give it a try!