Strip Pieced Baby Quilt Finished with Hexagon Stop Light: To the Rescue!

by Judy Tucker

The Doggie Firefighter quilt is done!   After I posted it as a WIP several days ago, I keep thinking about it.  I really thought the design could still be improved more.

I ended up adding one more vehicle  appliqué--the yellow fire truck.  And I dug in my stash and found red, yellow and green 3 inch squares.  I trimmed the squares into hexagon shapes and added them as appliqués to make a stop light.  That turned out to be a great addition to the design and adds some extra fun to the quilt.

Today I did the quilting and the binding.  The body of the quilt has a meandering quilting pattern with scattered stars.  I slowed my quilting pace in the blue accent bars and did my best to make the meandering look like puzzle pieces.  Since small children play with large piece puzzles, I think my young neighbor might find the quilting design fascinating when he gets older.

The binding fabric is a tiny dog paw pattern, gold feet on yellow back ground.  It's a perfect finish for this Doggie Firefighter quilt!

This was an interesting project. I learned a lot about how to improve a design in the process of creating this quilt.

Now that the the sewing all finished, the quilt is in the washing machine, getting clean, soft and baby friendly!