Economy Block Lattice Variation Baby Quilt Completed!

by Judy Tucker

The baby quilt with my Lattice Variation of the Economy Block is done!

The new baby's big sister was visiting me this week.  She chose the layout for the completed blocks, picked the border fabric and the backing.  She also put her stamp of approval on my choice for the binding.

She picked a quiet light grey and white calico for the backing.  The family has ties to Hawaii so I had thought about using a Hawaiian fabric on the back of the quilt.  The baby's big sister said the Hawaiian fabric was nice but "a bit too much!"   She definitely made a great choice.   A big thanks to K. for all her help!!      
I asked her to sign the label for the quilt…she really liked that!  It was well deserved--she played a big part in the final design of the quilt.  Here is the label before it was signed:

Two of the individual blocks:

One of the motifs in the fabric is of a cat being carried away by 3 balloons.  When I first put the blocks together, the balloons were in the left upper corner of the block with the cat.  But the physics just didn't work with them there.  The balloon strings would have needed to take a 90 degree turn to connect to the cat.  So I took the balloons out of that block and moved them to the lower left corner of the block above.  Now the cat can float away!

Here is a PDF of the pattern for this baby quilt.  Economy Block Lattice Variation Baby Quilt Pattern.
This pattern is for individual use only.  If you make a quilt, let me know how it turns out. Thanks!