New exhibit, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

by Judy Tucker

The MFA in Boston opened a new exhibit,  Quilts and Color, yesterday.  I haven't seen it yet but I have heard from a couple friends who have see the exhibit, that it is a great show.

Amy Friend, During Quiet, put out a post on her blog the other day saying that the MFA is putting together a Facebook album of quilters and their quilts to go along with the show.   I went out with my friends Ginny K. and Janet H. this weekend and we each took a photo to add to the MFA FB  album.

Here's one of my mine.  It's not the picture I submitted to the MFA. I wanted theirs to be different than this one.

They are still accepting photos until April 10th.  Head out and take a picture of you and one or more quilts!  If you click Amy's link above, you will get all the details about submitting the photo.

Can't wait to see your photos on Facebook!
I am also really looking forward to going to see the exhibit at the MFA.