Update on the Charity Quilt for the Somerville Homeless Coalition

by Judy Tucker

Wow!  The PBQ (Proper Bostonian Quilter's) Guild really has come through with the blocks for the Wonky Star Raffle Quilt we are making for the Somerville Homeless Coalition!   Two weeks after we handed out the fabric, guild members turned in 21 completed blocks.  Way to go ladies!!

We had made a few sample blocks so here are all the blocks we have so far!  We just need 4 more and they are already in the works.

We are planning to add a 2.5 inch strip of white fabric around the outer sides of the assembled blocks so they "float."

There will be two outer borders. The first border will be a narrow strip of solid turquoise Kona cotton and next to that a wider border of a crisp looking lattice print fabric with little turquoise accents. The binding will be a deep royal blue binding.

This quilt is really coming along beautifully.  A big thanks to everyone who has been contributed their time and scraps to make a block or two for this project!