Color Study 3: Gradations

by Judy Tucker

Here is my third color study inspired by the ""Quilts and Color" currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Study of Color Gradation:  14 inch square, hand quilted

This is a study in color gradation, which creates depth.  All the strips came out of my scrap bag…now that's a good project!  It's 14 inch square.

There are 3 sets of strips in each layer of the gradation, light, medium and dark in the same color.  (The Sunshine and Shadows quilt in the MFA exhibit placed the gradations the opposite way--dark to light).

I think that if I had gone from yellow to orange to green the block would have had more depth but it would have been less interesting.  The Sunshine and Shadows quilt at the MFA mixed it up like this and I wanted to see what happened when I tried it.

While I use dark and lights for contrast in my quilts, but I've never used them in a series like this. I do like what the gradation does and I know I'll be using it again in my quilts.