Color Study 4: Complimentary Colors

by Judy Tucker

I was going to stop my color study series at 3 because once again I have a stack of UFOs to finish and some other projects in the works.   But at lunch today, while flipping through the book,  Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters (see the side bar for more information about this book), I saw there was a pattern for an appliqué  orange peel block.  There is an orange peel quilt in the "Optical Illusions" section of the "Quilts and Color" exhibit at the MFA, Boston.  A 12 inch square?  I could do that!

Orange peel block, with grape hyacinths and lattice fencing  12 inches square

The quilt at the MFA is periwinkle blue and red orange, complimentary colors.  I chose another pair of complimentary colors:  yellow green and magenta. I also modified the block from the book which had the peels running from corner to corner with half peels in the outer edges of the corners.

This block pops, but I don't think I see an optical illusion here.  (Not sure about it in the museum quilt either)!

I used my walking foot to echo quilt the orange peel design.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing that circular quilting and am very pleased at how this little piece turned out.