Dog training apron

by Judy Tucker

Necessity in the mother of invention, or so they say.  With the warm weather finally here, I find that my lighter weight pants don't always have enough pockets for all the things I need to carry while training my 3 dogs.  I could add a bait bag for treats, but that only partially solves my problem. So I decided to make myself a dog training apron today.  I wanted to be able to slide my hands into the pockets sideways for quick access.  I decided it might be great to add a compartment for my mobile phone too.

Dog training apron (mobile phone centrally, peaking out of its pocket)

Selfie with Dog Training apron on!

I checked around my stash and found a remnant of ticking fabric which was just the right weight.  The green fabric is quilting weight cotton and has a tiny white polka dot. It was a remnant too.  The Labrador retriever fabric was also in my stash--that extra pocket was a last minute addition.

I started by making a tube of fabric from  a piece of ticking and an piece of the green cotton of the same size.  I left the two ends of the tube open so I could add the apron ties at the end.

Tube with both ends still open.

Then I cut another piece of ticking the same size as the first one.  I used the 60 degree marking on my quilting ruler to cut both ends of the rectangle at an angle.  Then I cut a piece of green cotton the same size.  I sewed them, right sides together, leaving a couple inches at the bottom so I could turn it inside out.  Then I sewed the open edge closed.

Large central pocket

The mobile phone pocket is in the center of the large pocket.   I sewed hook and loop strips to the back of the large pocket and front of the apron panel to keep the phone from falling out if I lean over too far.

Hook and loop closure tape on the back side of the large pocket

I added a small pocket to the center of the large pocket so I can carry more than one type of dog treat or poop bags (responsible dog people always have a few on board}.

I  next sewed the large pocket to the back of the apron and added two lines of stitching just lateral to the small pocket with the dog fabric to create the pocket for my phone. 

Finally I made two ties from the ticking fabric and sewed them into place.

Success!  The slanted pocket keeps a small bag of treats open and upright, the little pocket works well, and the mobile phone pocket is perfect.  

Now, off to train the dogs!