Happy Nurses' Week and Congrats to the New Nurse Graduates!

by Judy Tucker

Happy Nurses' Week to all you quilting nurses out there!  I know there are a lot of us!  Keep up the great work!

During the years I was a nurse practitioner in pediatrics, I had the great pleasure to work along side a number of excellent medical assistants who were making their way through nursing school part-time.
They had long hours on the job, long hours in class and clinical, and families to care for too. It takes amazing dedication to earn your nursing degree by that route!

So, a special congratulations goes to Stephanie, who has just earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing!  Well done, and well deserved!!

I thought about giving Stephanie a quilt to mark this milestone, but I know she'll hang it on the wall.  So I decided to make her something especially for the wall!

I considered running over the my local quilt shop which has some fabric with a nursing motif.  But as I thought about it, using my bag of strings left over from other projects to make a block seemed like a great idea.

Over of course of our careers, we care for patients of all kinds of stripes--different colors, ethnicities, cultures, beliefs, live-styles and ages.  Only by seeing the whole person, not just the diagnosis or problem list, can a nurse really truly care for his or her patient.   I hope this small piece will remind  Stephanie to think about all these factors with each of patients she cares for.

I drew the letters for the BSN, Bachelor of Science in Nursing,  (all that doodling in junior high finally paid off!) and appliquéd them to the block. It's not quilted…just a block in a frame.