Tula Pink's Fox Field Craftsy Mystery Quilt Completed!

by Judy Tucker

I finished up the binding, completing my Craftsy Tula Pink Fox Field Mystery Quilt today.  I'm delighted with how it turned out. 

I had a lot of fun doing the quilting.  I followed the diamonds with some straight out-of-the-ditch quilting using my walking foot.  The seams on some of the inner diamonds didn't follow from block to block.  So in those places, I just quilted each side of the diamond, starting and stopping at the seam lines. 

I used free motion quilting in the centers of each block.  Some fabric designs have hidden rabbits, fox, horses and birds.  I couldn't resist having the mammals leave their footprints in some of the center diamonds.  Sorry birds, not your quilt this time!

Horse shoe imprint

Rabbit tracks

Fox footprint
A rabbit was centered in one of the blocks so I highlighted it with a special flower.   The remaining blocks all have a double daisy in the center diamond with meandering in the first strip around each diamond.

Flower showcasing rabbit in center diamond

Double diasy in center block

I had put aside a set of pink and grey strips but in the end I felt they were too much a mix of light and dark to be a good binding.  So I used a grey on grey zig-zag from my stash--a quiet margin on a bright quilt.

This was great fun!