Pyramid String quilt

by Judy Tucker

I just finished my Pyramid String quilt.  This quilt was getting something amazing from (almost) nothing.

I keep a bag of strings (strips of left over fabric) between 3/4 inches and 2 inches wide.  From time to time I will piece them on 2 side-by-side pages of an old book.  (Sometimes it takes a bit of tape to keep the 2 pages together.  That's OK because the paper is torn away after the pages are covered with fabric strips).

I had save up a stack of pages which were primarily yellows and blues with some orange accents.  I had a pyramid ruler (two, actually as it turned out!) and this seemed like a great way to try it out.

2 brands of 60 degree triangle (pyramid) rulers.
 Re. the purple smiley face:
I put stickers on my rulers when I take them to sew in a group setting so that I know which is mine!

I cut the sheet of string into two 4 inch strips.  (If the sheet had more than 8 inches, I saved the remaining strips and they went into a border strip).  I cut the pyramids out of the 4 inch strips.

2 pyramids: I didn't take the photos while I was cutting the  pieces so these are not consecutive cuts.

Then I cut out pyramids from white cotton for the alternating pyramids.
When the quilt was assembled, I cut sides straight, leaving half pyramids down each side.

I used my walking foot and quilted just out of the ditch in a diamond pattern.  I also marked out some larger pyramids, made of multiple blocks, of varying sizes and did some half inch wide diagonal quilting in those pyramids.  Sometimes I filled the whole space with quilting.  Other times I just put in 3-4 lines of quilting.

There is a free motion chain of daisies around 3 sides of the inner border and a wavy double line of quilting in the outer border.   The free motion quilting is a foil to the sharp edges of the pyramids.

The binding is a collection of left over binding from other projects with a couple strips added to make it long enough.  This really is a quilt of left over bits!!

Here is the back.  You'll see there is a tiny strip of the left over bits on this side too.

I've used up my stack of sewn strings.  But the string bag keeps collecting more pieces so I'll need to make some more soon!