EQ 7 Jump Start Sew Along, Block 1: Greek Cross

by Judy Tucker

Electric Quilt (EQ) is hosting a Sew Along on its blog, "Behind the Mouse" called EQ7 Jump Start Sew Along.  This Quilt Along provides basic instruction on the use their quilt designing program EQ7.  The Quilt Along is free, no registration is required, but you do need the EQ 7 program to participate.

Jenny, the instructor for the course, has chosen 4 quilt blocks for the participants to work with.
The first block is the Greek Cross.

The other blocks are Eccentric Star, Rolling Stone and Twin Star.  All the blocks share a central square,    4 corner blocks and 4 middle blocks.

The course has an accompanying YouTube video and printed instructions. You can use just one or both.  I had an easier time following the instructions with the video. Well, actually I was watching the video on my iPad and working out the steps on my computer, so I didn't need to toggle back and forth.
I found the written information helpful for reference when thinking about the blocks.

This course assumes you are starting from scratch with the EQ7 program, so it's great for a novice user.
I expect the designing will become more complex as the Quilt Along progresses.

Today is link up day.  I was so excited when I saw Jenny's post from today.  She showed 6 different ways the components of this block can be put together. I wasn't sure I was going to make the block, but when I saw all the options I made a dive for the stash and started cutting!

Here are some of the options.  I picked a variant for my block because it looked more nocturnal for the Rabbit who is sprinkling Sleeping Dust from the Crescent Moon!

Here are some of the other variations I laid out before I sewed the block together.  You'll see this becomes the Churn Dash block and another one that looks like saltwater taffy in its wax paper wrapper.

There is a link up to post the block every other week and a prize for one lucky person.

I'm looking forward to the next lesson which will be posted Monday, May 19, 2014.