Working on the Blog and Modern Hexagon Quilt Blocks

by Judy Tucker

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Modern Hexagon Blocks

I spent some time today working on my Modern Hexagon quilt.  I thought about appliquéing the hexagons onto the background by hand.  But Modern Quilting to me = machine sewing.  As long as it looks good, faster is better in my book!

1 inch hexagons ready to sew
I sewed 6 blocks today. I am pleased with how it is coming together.  My teal background blocks are 10.5 inch square.

To keep the hexagons in a straight row, I folded over the top edge of the block 3 inches and put in a finger press.

Background block turned down 3 inches to mark
the sewing line for the top of the hexagon block
Here are 3 blocks lined up and ready for sewing:

I am using a straight stitch at the very edge of the hexagon's margin.  I thought it might be hard to so that close to the edge of the block, but it wasn't a problem.

Sewing along the margin of the hexagon

One hexagon sewn onto the background.  Lot's more to go!
The first sewn onto a background block.
Chester, my cat, is doing quality control.
Can you see his toes?
Two blocks close up:
Detail of sewing on hexagon
This is a fun project!  Can't wait to get it on the design wall!