Modern Hexagon Quilt Top

by Judy Tucker

Here's my Modern hexagon Quilt top.  All of the hexagons are appliquéd onto the blocks with top-stitching.  Three of the hexagons have expressed their individuality!  Two are on point and the third jumped up out of line!

Modern Hexagon Quilt top

Here is a detail of the appliqué.

I plan to do close quilting, with the lines of stitching approximately 1/2 inch apart.  I want to see if I can capture a ripple effect with the quilting, having the lines crossing over each other like wavelets in a pond.

In fact, my working title for this quilt is "Skipping Stones in the Lily Pond".
My starting points for the ripples are going to be the two light yellow hexagons which are set on point.
I left 3 negative space blocks around each of the blocks with the single on-point hexagon so that the ripple quilting will be clearly visible.  I'll see how it goes...but will have to wait for this July heat wave to break before I start quilting!