Another Completed New Year's Day Wonky Star Quilt

by Judy Tucker

Another of my friends  New Year's Day Wonky Star Quilt Along quilt is done.   Kace W.  brought her completed quilt to Show at Tell at our Proper Bostonian Quilt Guild meeting last night.

Kace said she was really challenged by the varied intensity of the colors in the charm pack she was given . But she worked it out.  The finish quilt is a beauty!!

Quilt Front

Quilt back--note the 2 strips of left over fabric on each side of the central panel . Nice!!
I particularly like what Kace did with the quilting  The stars are treated as flowers and each as a stem and leaves going to it.  What a great idea!

Kace recently discovered Leah Day's Free motion Quilting patterns.  Continuing her flower motif, she used several of Leah's flower patterns for fill in the negative spaces.  Kace's quilted flowers are beautiful!!
Here's a link to some of Leah's center fill designs.

The wonky triangles in her pieced border are so much fun, and they echo the wonky star points.  
She also put in a tiny green phlange separating her border from the binding. 

Kace…Congratulations on this beautiful quilt!!  Well done!