Apron for Dog Training Pattern

by Judy Tucker

A puppy class was coming into the dog training center yesterday just as I was finishing up a lesson with my dog, Hazel.

3 year old Mystery Black Labrador Mix!

A couple of the puppy people noticed the dog training apron I was wearing.  
They really liked it. 
One of the puppy parents is a friend who sews and I realized she might want  to make one for herself.  That was the impetus I needed to get around to writing the pattern for the apron.  

The pattern is done and is posted in a tab at the top of the blog page. 
It looks like it's complicated but it goes together quickly.
Here is my post about making the Dog Training Apron.   After using it for a while I made a second apron.  I increased the slant of the large front pocket so it is a bit steeper, from a 60 degree cut to about a 50 degree cut.  That gave me two deeper more secure pockets.  They work much better now.
I wear my apron constantly because I'm actively training 3 dogs.  Two of my dogs are working on obedience and manners. The third dog competes in Canine Scent Work with the National Association of Canine Scent Work.  Scent work is so much fun!  The dog does all the work. I'm just along to make sure she covers all the search area so she doesn't miss anything.

Updates on WIPs and UFOs:

I now have a stack of unfinished quilt tops. I started doing the quilting on the first of them yesterday, a baby quilt with some of the left over blocks from the Tula Pink Craftsy Fox Tails Mystery Quilt. This quilt top is almost entirely negative space, so it is up to the quilting will make the quilt.  So far 3 rabbits have materialized and it looks like they up to no good in the vegetable patch.  I'm having a blast doing this free-motion quilting.  To be posted soon!