Rabbits in the Garden Quilt: Using up the Tula Pink Fox Field 2.5 inch strips

by Judy Tucker

I had a significant amount of fabric left over after I completed my Tula Pink's Craftsy Mystery Quilt to make 2 more quilts. I've already blogged about the first of those quilts:  Fox Field Reprise Baby Quilt.  I had a bit of fabric left for one more quilt.

On my way home from dropping by dogs a the training center, I stopped in at J.P. Knit & Stitch, a great little knitting and sewing store in Jamaica Plain.  I had the 16 patch block (see above) with me and was looking for a fabric to go with it.  Genevieve, the shop's owner, and I looked a several options but nothing caught my eye.  Then she went off and came back with a bolt of sea green voile which she had just received and wasn't yet on the shelf.  It was perfect!  (I just love it when that happens)!  We both agreed that a solid bone grey solid cotton quilting fabric she had would be perfect on the back of the quilt.

Arizona Triangle Tokens by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics
Fabric is sea foam green with white and gold triangles

I had a design for a very modern quilt in my mind, but wasn't sure how I was going to handle the all the negative space.  

Tula Pink's Fox Field Fabric line has rabbits with large polka dots and then a collection of complex designs with hidden rabbits, foxes, horses and birds.  There are parts of horses in the 16 patch block but no rabbits anywhere.  It was the rabbits which drew me to this fabric line so I knew I had to get them into the quilting somehow.

Because this is a great size for a baby quilt I decided to hide the rabbit.  It would be visible on the back of the quilt but you would have to look hard to see it on the front side.  The obvious place to hide the rabbit was in the 16 patch block.  
The rabbit is lower middle on the left
You can clearly see his back foot in the sea foam block with the star

But 3 rabbits are more fun and 1, so I partially hid a second rabbit in the 4 patch block and put the 3rd rabbit in front of the 2.5 inch single block.  

Where would 3 rabbits be?   In the vegetable garden!   With a bit of free motion quilting a garden appeared.  I loved showing the vegetables that the rabbit can see and  then what is growing under ground that he can't see.  That just nicely seemed to mirror the idea of the rabbits hidden in the blocks.

Back side of the quilt--rabbit contemplating the carrots

Front of quilt with lettuces, radishes 
Back of the quilt--Rabbit looking a the beets with marigolds in the lower right corner
This was so much fun to make.  It was the first time I had quilted with a voile fabric.  It soft, thin and a bit slippery.  It has a lovely hand and the quilt is soft and light.  However, it was definitely more challenging to sew than regular quilting cotton.  Voile is not something I would use for quilting on a regular basis but it was fun working with a novel fabric.  And it was the perfect choice for this quilt.